24 Hour Day 2015

Any one headed to the parks on 24 hour day? Did you do it last year? What are some not miss things?

I’m touring solo for that event. Looking forward to it!

Lots of Liners will be in the parks that day. I think last count was over 50 Liners. I wasn’t there last year but I’ll be there touring solo this time!

Any one planning a meet up in dlr? And is there a thread i should be following? I searched but didn’t see anything…

My first time visting DLR will be during this years 24 hour event. I went to WDW last year. Still trying to figure out plans.

We’re a much smaller Liner family at DLR so right now no plans for meets. Guy from TP might possibly have one. I’m expecting it to be crazy busy than last year’s due to the start of DL’s 60th celebration events.Most of us don’t post to forum, best to check DLR chat for updates.

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I was there last 2 years. Last year got there at 6:30 am. Was empty until about 1. Was very busy from about 4 on. We’ll be there this year. My DD19 is determined to make it the full 24 hours this year. We gave up at 3 am last year because we were too cold.

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I too will be touring solo. There is a meet planned for solo ladies and mommies at McCorrmick and Schmicks (Garden Walk) 5/21 at 430pm for happy hour. A way to start our solo trips and meet some fantastic liners. Early enough for us to get some shut eye before the big day.

We will be there, the whole 3 of us!! DS and I will be coming in on the mid-afternoon flight from SLC on Thursday, then DS later that night (she has to teach a half day of school). We plan on being there for RD @ 6am on Friday, and spending the whole 24. WWWOWOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!! @BellesRose2K and @moorparknay15 hope to see you there sometime!

DS and I are here! Main Street is gorgeous!