23 October What's your countdown?

Hi peeps!

I think @BigPetesWife can now say they are going ‘the day after tomorrow!’ - did I get that right? Exciting stuff!!! :smile:

I have 103 days and 20 hours to go until we get a little plane off our little island, and then hang around for a bit at Manchester Airport before getting a very big plane to Orlando.

What about you, what’s your countdown?

one more day for me :slight_smile:

Day after tomorrow is correct. Just finishing off my sons Oozma Kappa shirt. My mum is here finishing my ironing, hoping debenhams delivers the clothes that I’m waiting for then I can do my packing. I think I should be panicking more than I am, but I’m just too excited!!! :smile:

Leaving tonight for a 19 hour drive! Be in the World by noon tomorrow! YAY! Sooooo excited!

15 days!!


244 and already I’m having dreams about being on a plane to Sydney and realising we’ve left passports at home! :grin: it’s going to be a looong road.

That’s the number we started at! It felt soooooo long away lol. Now we’re at 36 days and 9 hours and i’m ready!

@jlyn , @bethannke and @BigPetesWife you are all almost there, hope you have a great time!


Ha ha, I started at 236 days, and ever since I booked it, I’ve been having dreams about it being day of and I desperately need to pack, but all my clothes are wet and the dryer is broken.

@Quattro4 - I had passport anxiety dreams for months before our recent trip to Europe!

I have three countdowns right now!! Most ever for me, I feel spoiled. 16 days until food and wine (though it’s only 13 until I leave for Tampa for my pre-WDW work conference)! @DarthDopey I guess we will be there at the same time! How many days is your trip? I am only Saturday evening through Monday. I’d love to meet you if it works out!

174 days to Disneyland - though about 169 until we leave for the West Coast. And 331 days until our BB trip in September, staying at POFQ for the first time.

I’ll be there with a few other of the degenerate Liners. Friday through Monday. We have no set plans (it’s driving me crazy) but we could certainly try to meet up!!

Cool. I plan to do a Monorail resort crawl on Saturday night, then two full days at Epcot on Sunday and Monday to eat and drink as much as possible!

11 days! I think the next 10 days are going to be super busy too.

We haz plans and you know it! Just no spreadsheets! Oh and 15 days to go for this degenerate.