23 days to WDW - now what?

In 23 days we go to WDW. We have our luggage tags and Magic Bands. Now what?

I want to start finalizing my touring plans. When does WDW have their entertainments lined up and confirmed so I can these to the plans?

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Got an answer for the entertainment question? :slight_smile:

What entertainment are you waiting on? It should be set?

’ Christmasy’ stuff.

This website has a lot of info on the shows, but I tend to think this info is also available on the main WDW site by now:


For Christmasey stuff look up holiday storytellers at Epcot, jingle bell jingle bam fireworks at HS and also the sunshine celebrations (I think that’s what it’s called…projections on the TOT), special holiday projections on the tree of life at AK, etc. There are a lot of articles about the various holiday stuff at WDW; I think TP probably has some.

Even though I optimized my touring plans the day before the trip, I found that Disney cut out performances during our trip. Not holiday or seasonal, but definite reductions in live entertainment. I really noticed the cuts in Epcot and AK.

This site posts the WDW times guide each week.

Stress shopping! And then washing all the things so you can’t return them. This is coming from someone who has already purchased all coordinating daily outfits for our May 2020 trip…

Can’t help you with the more productive aspect of your post re: entertainment schedules. Just trying to help you spend more money!


My estimate is spending $8K for 5 days–I think I know how to spend. LOL