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My first time attaching. Hope it works! I’m in Disney planning paralysis. I feel like a newbie instead of a Veteran Planner. Perhaps because it’s been a long time since I’ve done Park Hoppers, or because I’m trying to incorporate midday breaks, while also trying to enjoy Epcot more… it will be F&W during our trip, and we’re staying at BC.

Typically when we park tour, we do 1 park per day, try to RD and stay until 8ish or later, dependent upon DD7. 2 Epcot, 2 MK, 1 HS and 1-2 AK are ideal.

Please critique what I have so far… what am I missing? I need another set of eyes.
I think everything except 50s/Mama Melroses is a MUST do… but timing is flexible.
ETA - I don’t need to do Beaches & Cream that many times but I know this one is hard to get… and wanted open slots to fit it in.

A couple of things: 1. You have a day where you go to MK, back to ‘Ohana, then to E? 2. Where are your food and wine meals? 3. Have you ate at Beaches and Cream before? I would walk to EP instead?

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Ohana is a must do. Figured it was easier to monorail over to Epcot. What do you suggest?

Maybe I ditch Via Napoli and do F&W tasting during that time. Should I have more evenings at Epcot?

We have not done Beaches & Cream. Only need to eat there once. Maybe the other slots are filled with F&W selections?

And THANK YOU @PrincipalTinker

I think for lunch it is so easy to walk the 5 minutes to EP and try some booths. I guess you could monorail to Poly from EP, but honestly, I would considered arriving late to MK and then boat/monorail to Poly. From EP to Poly you have to either walk from TTC or change monorails to Poly. What time is that ADR?

Lunches F&W booths will Work for me!

I would prefer Ohana ADR for sometime around 6pm.
Would need to get from BC to Poly - or, more likely scenario is the family will not want to leave MK to take a midday break and we’ll be going from MK to Poly. I think that day is a party which I won’t have tickets for.

Depending on the time, I could either Uber to BC after Ohana, or get to Epcot via monorail or Uber and catch Illuminations.

For the amount of time it takes to walk from main entrance to International Gateway, it wouldn’t make sense to monorail over to save a few $$ on Uber.

Yes but am I confused ? You are going from BC to MK, back to BC for a break- back to a MK area resort (Poly) then back to EP?

Haha Clear as mud, right?

Staying at BC
midday break ONLY if they want one. I don’t.
Ohana for dinner
Epcot maybe or head back to BC if it gets too late

Here’s another idea… what time is the MNSSHP fireworks? Then Uber to BC

Oh! The fireworks from the beach is a great idea!

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When we stayed at BC I also felt the need to get lots of ADRs for Beaches & Cream because of all of the hype. But, we didn’t find it to be anything special, particularly if you’ll have the F&W booths so close by. I made ADRs for our arrival day, resort day and departure day, but we only ended up eating there on the first day. It was perfect for that first day, but we felt no need to repeat. If you’re hanging out at the pool, I think Hurricane Hannah’s is a good option for a QS meal too.

Also, you have two days where you planned DS for dinner and then going back to a park. Is DS really needed? It seems like you’ll have plenty of dining and entertainment options between the Boardwalk and FW. We missed F&W by two days last August and I would have loved all of the options at our doorstep!

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Thanks for your input @Hoyasaxa00 I’m only keeping one Beaches and cream…keeping my options open for days. I don’t care which day it is. I just want to try it.

DH loves DS…Homecomin’ is a keeper. DLuxe Burger might get axed…although he really wants to try it and I have to concede sometimes! DH is a foodie and I hope he would rather go to F&W.

How is the bus situation at BC?

The buses are ok. BC shares with YC. Mornings can be very crowded.

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Hey there,

Any chance you could do DLuxe burger on your arrival travel day? Not sure what the plan is (aka - when you get in), but we tend to incorporate Disney Spring meals into the first and/or last day, even if it’s a travel day.

I like your plan !! Good luck with the Halloween party, I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!

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@PrincipalTinker should we walk to Yc in the morning?

@imaginette I don’t have airfare purchased yet so I’m keeping arrival and departure clear for now. I feel like I don’t have enough AK time.

We are doing all of our AK time as rope drop (unless we get a FOP on a certain day / date). I know a lot depends on the crowd size on the day(s) you are there.

I feel like most of the stuff in AK is meh (besides Pandora), but if you go early in the AM, you could get through the park in 1/2 day on a medium day. We do the single rider on the big coaster there, and we waited WAY too long last year to go on FOP… but it was really, really good.

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I think you will be fine since you are planning rope drop. Just make sure you get to the bus early.

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what’s early? 45 min before RD good enough?

You will only be taking buses to AK and MK. Main Street opens 60 minutesbefore the park so I think you want to be at the bus at least 75 minutes before opening. AK will depend on what you want to do!

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I spent a LOT of time today working that spreadsheet. I forgot to plan a water park day. Darn it!!!


I’m having the same struggle with fitting in a water park day. There are just too many cool things to do! My son really wants to go though and I have a very vivid memory of my parents not taking us when we were there after it opened. I think I’d seen a billboard on the drive there and I wouldn’t shut up about it. So, I don’t want to do that to my son!

And I goofed before. We stayed at YC, not BC. Buses were fine for us because it’s the stop before BC. If you have the extra time, it couldn’t hurt to pick up bus from YC.

That said, I just realized that we never took early buses from YC. We ended up taking a Minnie Van to MK when we had PPO ADR at BOG (because of DD1 and my fear of being late). And of course we walked to EP and HS for our early mornings there. For AK, I think we had a later start that day and arrived about 10am.

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