21 day trip! Touring strategy?

We spent 2 weeks in at Disney last year for our first trip in over 6 years; our first with our kids. 4 and 1 at the time. Between trying to squeeze everything in, rushing, and not having a clue what touring the parks with small children was like, I feel like we missed out on a lot of the details. I was so focused on zipping from ride A to ride B.

This year, we are going back for 3 weeks and I’m planning on keeping most of our afternoons free and touring the parks daily for about 3-4 hours in the mornings.

Any suggestions on good ways to break the touring up?

We are staying at The Beach Club and plan on doing Food and Wine multiple nights so I plan on touring the World Showcase on those nights.

Do you think 3-4 hours dedicated to Fantasyland is enough with a 5 and 2 year old or should I plan 2 Fantasyland days?
Adventureland and Fronteirland In the same morning sound reasonable?
Any suggestions on how to break up AK into 2-3 visits while visiting Pandora each time?
Alas, Hollywood Studios - they’d probably only be interested in TSL so we will likely do 2-3 mornings of the same.
Epcot - one morning on the East side, one on the west?

Last trip, we had no time to sit around, shop, notice the details etc and I want to really emphasize that this trip.

I’m no help, just wondering how I can spend 3 weeks at Disney too!


We normally go every 2 years and stay a lengthy time as well. We went in 2016 skipped 18 and will be headed back this Nov. In 2016 we were with a 8 year old and an 2 yr old. We did the right side of Magic Kingdom starting with Fantasyland and ending with Tomorrowland in one day. Next day we started in the back again with Liberty Square and made our way up to Frontierland. Then had a hotel day. Did 2 days at Epcot …split epcot in half… right side with countries and rides then left side with countries and rides. Then we had a hotel day. Animal Kingdom we did everything dinos one day and caught a show and the next everything else with a show. Then another hotel day. Hollywood we did one day and visited Disney Springs one day. We had such an enjoyable time not rushing that we are following the same plans again this Nov except we have added a day at Hollywood to do Star Wars then half park one day and Toy Story rest of park next day… it worked out really well for us and our younger one. We were able to catch the fireworks on the days we knew the next day would be our hotel days so she could sleep in and catch a much needed nap. On those days we lounged by the pool, went to visit the Boardwalk, Wilderness Lodge etc. Also on one of our hotel days we used that day to take a super late nap and hit Mickeys Verry Merry Christmas Party! Hope this helped in some sort of way :slight_smile:

With that many days I would do at least 2 trips to Fantasyland.