20th Anniversary trip

No plan. No real idea that we would be able to pull it all off but the stars aligned and I’m sitting here watching Little Mermaid before we head out tomorrow.

Our first trip was my son’s first birthday present, last year’s was watching him march down Main St. with his high school band. Tomorrow it will be me and DW. The DS is firmly ensconced in his college dorm and we will be all pirate-y at CBR.

And to really do it up right, on Saturday I’m going to find her something at Epcot. After all, the gift for the 20th is China.


Awesome! Have a fantastic trip!

Enjoy! Have fun!

Love this! Happy Anniversary!

I know you didn’t ask, but might I suggest either Mikimoto pearls (in Japan) or a Guerlain Exclusive perfume (in France). There are Guerlain perfumes offered in WS that are not readily available to purchase, except for places like NYC, LA, or Paris (of course). And Mikimoto pearls are classic and stunning. I mean for 20 years, maybe both?? :innocent::wink:

I mean look at this bottle:

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