20th Anniversary ideas

You guys are all so great with the creative ideas- so I am asking for some ideas! My now-wife and I will be celebrating our 3rd Wedding anniversary (11/11) but we’ve been together 20 years on 11/8. The traditional gift for 20 is “China” - so I was thinking maybe doing or buying something cool at Epcot in China. (We don’t do pearls though). So - do you have any China gift ideas, or something cool to do in China at Epcot? I’m trying to think outside the box here. Thanks!

Happy anniversary! I don’t know much about the China pavilion, but maybe you could plan to buy something together in the shops there?

Happy Anniversary, I just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary in Disney. So and Happy Anniversary.

Maybe not from the parks, but what you can do for her while you are there.

First idea that comes to mind is to get a fortune cookie with something personal written in it and give it to her there.
Origami flowers.

China really has quite a lot to choose from, and I have no idea what her likes and dislikes are. You may just want to forgo the “surprise” element and let her pick something she likes.