2023 UOAP * Locals

Question …
We are locals for two years now. Big Disney family. But Disney is getting so busy, and less enjoyable.

We are looking to get our first UOAP. Will definitely get the Prefered… but the 4pm express passes with the Premier is very tempting.

Is the 4pm express pass worth the extra $200 per person ??

Hubby & I stuck with Preferred because we’re very rarely in the parks after 4:00 & we’re also not at all interested in the HHN ticket perk.

If you think you’ll be in the parks after 4:00 fairly often - & especially if you think you might want the HHN ticket perk - I’d definitely consider it worth the extra $$$s.

We’ve even considered it for us although the only time we are ever really in the parks past 4:00 is during the Christmas holiday season for a few days.

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The parks usually close between 7 to 9, if you’re local I think one can justify Premier. Think about how ofter you go to the parks after 4pm and what you do, if you ride tons of rides it would be worth it. If not stick with Preferred.


thanks. I do work during the day, so after 4pm and weekends would be our time to visit. But i also know with our Disney passes, we get picky on not visiting when the parks are overly crowded, and we go for the experience … not the rides, and my wife doesn’t like the motion “screen” rides.

Thanks. We will be going after 4pm alot, but thinking you are correct about saving the money and staying with preferred.

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The best advice I can give to that you can always “upgrade” your pass and only pay the difference in price. You can not “downgrade” your pass later. So, buy the Preferred and see what you think. You can bump it up later if you find you want to.

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