2023 Annual Pass

I’m planning a Universal trip for Jan 1 - Jan 5, 2023 and probably again in Dec. 2023 and looking to buy premier AP’s. What’s the best time to buy them?

Some things I’m worried about:

  • is it even possible to buy them this early?
  • 2023 benefits could change
  • prices could go up
  • if I buy them and end up not going am I screwed?

You can buy an AP anytime. It’s not activated til the first day of use, thats when the 365 day countdown begins. You could purchase now and use years later if your plans change.

Prices increase every February.


They can be activated up to 6 years after purchase, and it is from when you pick up the ticket.

I was going to pick up my ticket a couple days early, going in after 6pm to save the parking fee. but picking it up counts as activating it even if you do not go into a park. Still, saving the parking fee can be worth the 1 day you lose.


We usually try to pick them up when they have the 3 month bonus at our local AAA office- it’s usually a pretty decent discount

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Just to add to what was already said, we already purchased our UOR APs for our May 2023 trip. Actually, we bought them ahead of the price increase this year.


Our next trip to Universal will be about a year after they open Epic. The only reason I haven’t already about AP’s is that I’m not sure how 3-park passes bought now would translate when they have 4-parks. Even then I’m still considering it because so far they let you upgrade and just pay the upgrade price. Then you throw in the obscene inflation … I’m talking myself into it.

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So we are 2 park premier holders- it’s my understanding that at any time we can add VB by paying the difference between what we paid and the current pricing-

I can’t see why they wouldn’t allow upgrades once EPIC is up and running. Too many pass holders for them not to.

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I took a look at our AAA website and see where you can buy tickets but don’t see anything about annual passes (AAA Northeast if it matters). Is that usually an in person thing?

You can buy annual passes from universal’s website.

In person- at our office

Edited to add

Same with HHN tickets, Mickey’s not so scary & Very a merry Christmas party