2022 World of Color Dessert Party Experience?

Grateful for thoughts if and when anyone has a chance to check out the WoC dessert party since re-opening in 2022. My wife and I have one booked for June 2nd; interested in if it’s still a great experience and also if they merge parties of 2 or less.



We are going May 12th, so will try to remember to report back.


I haven’t yet watched it, but Paging Mr Morrow (YouTube) loaded a video up on that today. May assist.


We were there opening night and our experience was probably muddied by not being a VIP on a night when they were catering to a very many VIP reviewers. We went in ahead of time mostly booking it so we didn’t have to stress about a viewing spot or crowding with crowds of people with our young kids one of which has a risk factor for Covid.

And for that alone, we were just SO happy to be there. I can’t even begin to state how blissful it was to have a reserved seat with no worries on our view. The food was pretty good too. The one thing I felt was missing was any type of cracker or bread to pair with the cheese, but the desserts were good and I really, really liked the specialty cocktail they had.

Some downsides: the check-in process was long & even though we were told to arrive at 8pm (we arrived at 8:10pm) it took until after 8:30 to get us checked in. Because of that (and probably also the fact that we weren’t a VIP), our service was very spastic.
We had to ask for a lot of things that they weren’t proactive in bringing (basic things, like we were a party of 5 plus a lap-sitting toddler and they only bought us 4 plates and 4 sets of utensils. We had to flag down our server while she was running around for her other tables to get our 5th plate and just ended up sharing silverware as we didn’t ever get that 5th set). We didn’t ever get any refills on any drinks and had to flag down our server for the 2nd round of the adult alcoholic drinks (which she didn’t really listen to as she got DH’s wrong and neither of us ended up drinking his wrong drink). But like I said, it was a first night and we weren’t any kind of VIP status. We did see a manager walking around asking a bunch of other tables how their service was going (and heard him telling the group of servers off to the side about which tables were VIP’s) so we knew we were being strategically de-prioritized.

But since you’re not going on a night they’re expecting to wow bloggers/reviewers you’ll probably be fine. I do recommend arriving even just a little bit before 8pm so you’re closer to the front of being checked in so you have the most time to arrive and be served. But the price is most definitely worth it.


This right here is why I booked it.


Thanks so much Lola for the report! That’s super helpful. Really glad to know the seating and viewing was good. Brave of you to go opening night (and with a toddler)! Definitely the viewing is the main reason we got it with the actual food and drinks being a bonus.

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We definitely were most excited by the seats & views. We’d done it once before on a special occasion trip and it was awesome. The return of a bunch of nighttime spectaculars & it being the day after one of our kids’s birthdays seemed special enough to book it again.


We had booked the trip for a birthday celebration weekend before Disney had announced their plans for adding back entertainment. And once they did we knew the only way we were going to even attempt to deal with a crowd was with a viewing package and if we hadn’t been able to get one would try for out of the way place with a compromised view (like watching it backwards from in front of Toy Story Midway Mania). We were really, really glad the dessert party worked out for us though.

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So glad it worked out! Thanks again.