2022 Points charts are out

Generally they have rearranged the charts, making Fall more expensive and Summer cheaper, according to travel patterns and demand. Applies to WDW resorts only.



TLDR: what’s the wailing and flailing about this year?

F&W is more expensive, and so are the first couple of weeks in December.


I am surprised they didn’t do this last year .

They started.

This is what a friend posted elsewhere:

BCV Studio (Weekly) July October
2020 134 107
2021 127 114
2022 121 121
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The December looks the same for the beginning of the month. This year the points are Dec. 1-23. In 2022, there are two December windows during that same time?

That is going to make the first two weeks crazy.

Wow! I thought people were saying early December had gone up with the rest of the Fall.

The extra April week is interesting too.

Do we think that this will actually make fall easier to book at BC/BW?

I generally book a split Universal/Disney trip the last weekend in September. In 2021 I have two studios for two nights: one boardwalk view, one standard view. That is 55 points. In 2022 it will be 54 points - weird

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Haha these points charts are like brain teasers!