2022 low crowd dates


Luckily our family got to enjoy our Disney world vacation during the last week of Feb 2020 (just before the covid lock downs!). We had arrived Feb 21 until the 29. I had spent a lot of time researching low crowd dates however I was surprised (and have since read!) how busy this week was… Due to Mardi gras!

We would like to return in 2022 with friends of ours who have never been. I would like to narrow down dates. (We would be four adults and 5 kids - 10, 9, 8, 7, and 5!)

February /March would be ideal for us so we could escape the cold Canadian winter. But we WANT low crowds! Going in September /Oct / first of December would also be options we would consider.

Another factor is heat. Low to mid 20s Celsius is ideal for us. 30 and above is too hot for kids! Hot =cranky!

What weeks would you would recommend? It is hard without the crowd calendar out and me not knowing when all the marathons and different events are etc. However for our work purposes the sooner we can pick the better!

Thanks for your help!

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Week of February 7, 2022 may be the best week to visit of the Feb/March timeframe, considering dodging all the holidays.

Early December would probably be your next choice for best time of year with the comfortable temps.


I see black Friday is Nov 25 2022. If we went say Dec 2-10 do you think crowds would be low? I would love to see the Christmas decorations which would be a bonus but I did hear that time frame is getting busier and busier each year?

The first week of December 2018 and 2019 saw crowd levels averaging 4/5 which is pretty good.

Now that time of year 2021 could see higher levels than normal with all the re-scheduled trips. But Dec. 2022 would probably be better.

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I’ve been a couple of times in early December - it’s usually great with overall low crowds. Though, I agree with previous poster that all bets could be off for 2021 as people reschedule their trips.

The only time I’ve found with better crowds is early September, but it can also be unbearably hot then so probably not your best choice!

Other than Len’s info on this site, yourfirstvisit.net has the next best crowd calendar i have found…He does not have one out for 2021 (he’s in healthcare and was very busy during Covid) but his calendars are pretty similar year over year…He ranks each week 1-52 for varying factors (crowds mainly, but price, events, etc)…His top 4 weeks to attend typically are first and second week of November and last week of November (right after thanksgiving) and first week of December…for the spring, he ranks the last week of April and first 3 weeks of May mainly as weeks 5-9 (as long as Easter is early in the month)…He did rank mardi Gras week in 2020 as the 10th best week to attend in case you want to use that as a point of reference


Thanks for the link, I need to check that cc out.


Historically, the week following President’s Day week has lower crowd levels. But of course not if Mardi Gras week is that week like in 2022.

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Yes…when we were there (MK on Sat Feb 22 and Friday Feb 28 it was so busy. Hard to move around and wait times for thunder mountain were 230 minutes in the afternoon! I had everything well planned and we got along fine but we still didn’t like how many people were there! Lol

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Also, in early February you might be able to do the Festival of the Arts (assuming it’s still on the old schedule). We went the first week in February, 2020 and it was great.


Yes!! I can see why we found MK so busy! Crowd level of 10 on both of our days! I planned it well and we had good days but the crowds were a lot. Especially with younger kids… Feeling like I was going to lose them!