2022 Holiday Season Offers

Just wanted to flag in case people are checking for new discounts that there is a passholder discount available now for stays Oct 23 to Dec 25:


I obsessively check this and hope this is a sign that there will be an offer soon for non-passholders (especially since they haven’t been available to buy in some time).


I’m more excited for the 30% merch discount - that thankfully once again coincides with my trip.


Wait… where is this info? share please :wink:

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For those that don’t want to click the link :rofl: Just noticed TP posted.



ooooo thank you!

Well I dont have an annual pass but really want one…I dont see them putting out these offers and discounts for the fall and then start selling annual passes again? I am wondering if we will see sales again before January :woman_shrugging:

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It is anyone’s guess…but I have my doubts they plan to resume sales of APs until they start to see a decline in attendance at the parks.

One interesting thing is that I don’t have an actve AP currently, but I do have an old Sam’s AP certificate on there and it won’t let me see the AP discounts which is new. I used to always be able to see AP stuff even without it being active.


That is what I am afraid of might be a long time…wait and see I guess.

Happy Disney Plus day! Disney Plus subscriber holiday season hotel discount dropped today, stays Dec 11-25. Super short window. Lame!