2022 Genie + Worth it?

Genie + Worth it? Yes? No?
LL worth it?


Very worth it!


If this is your first trip then yes. If you’ve been multiple times, and plan on at least 2 days at Epcot, 2 at MK, and day and a half at DHS then you can probably rope drop and hit the big rides with acceptable waits. I’ve been 10 times and plan on 7 day tickets next trip. I’ll only get G+ on the second days of MK, Epcot, and DHS if I haven’t been able to ride my favorites on the first day.

Yes. Especially if you are going in the heat with crowds. And let’s face it… it’s always crowded.


Worth it, just become very familiar with it before you go and expect to be on your phone a LOT

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Totally worth it for most parks I felt. Didnt find it necessary at all in AK if you are rope dropping. I barely ised it there. IlL for FOP if you are jot rope dropping is probably a better use of your money. We used it an loved it. We wnet for 4 days…it was vust but we rode everything we wanted with little waits. I was really worried about it before the trip because I was reading all the complaints. But we bought it and it worked out better than I thought and honestly skipped more lines than I ever did with FP+. If you know the rules and which rides you need to prioritize you can really do well with Genie+. Once we got that hang of it…getting it again is a no brainer.


As it was a First Visit for 3/4 of my family, we don’t do other theme/amusement parks, and RD or staying out until 1 AM was not an option: yes, totally worth it.

Even with a 10-day Park Hopper, it was great to reduce some of the lines.

I was in the bank with DD7 yesterday and the queue was very sluggish. She looked at me and said “well, at least it isn’t as bad as Toy Story Mania… 1 hour and 20 minutes… uuugggghhhh”
Sadly, she won’t remember the attraction as clearly as she recalls the wait.

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Ok this used to be called Fastpass that was way more predictable. Now you pay $15 per person per day to schedule rides in advance. If you don’t try and schedule early the value of your Genie+ is almost nill. I am not sure about the cost of LL but unless you are in a big hurry why give Disney extra money? Not us! We wait in lines,meet people and save $40 a day for the two of us. If money is no object then go for it other wise use Genie+ if you most on one or two days for the must see rides,

The article How Much Time Can I Save with Genie+ at WDW? by TP’s Becky Gandillon can help you decide this. How much to value the time saved is up to each person. Different can people can place different values on that and that’s ok.


Necessary at MK & DHS. Optional at Epcot & AK. (I only get if I’m park hopping in combination with those two parks)

If you can learn the ins and outs, and are flexible on the fly, worth it. It worked great when it was just DH and I in Jan, but with a family of 9 in May I had more trouble with it.

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Agree- if you can stack for evenings- you can rule with it.

Just got back from a trip and G+ was totally worth it. We had one day per park and rode everything we wanted, getting 6-11 LL’s per day. It’s a lot to keep track of - when you’re booked for and when you can book next, but totally worth it. I think it may depend how many park days you’re planning and how long you’ll be in the parks each day. It worked well and was cost efficient with fewer, but longer, days. We generally did RD and morning LL’s (headliner followed by 1-2 easier to get LLs), had a long lunch break, and stacked for evening.

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It was worth it for my family for our 5 park day trip in May. We had park hoppers and used it everyday. I did not buy any ILLs.

Day #1- AK/HS Did not use any LL at AK but stacked for evening at HS. This worked really well.

Day #2-MK/ EP used a few LL at MK in am, used LL for FEA at Epcot in evening before dinner and several rides after dinner

Day #3 AK/MK Again skipped LL in am for AK, stacked for MK in afternoon/evening

Day #4 late start day EP/HS since we were mainly in the WS didn’t try for any EP LL, stacked for afternoon/ evening at HS.

Day #5 all 4 parks plus opening day of GOTG. We started in EP to get BG for GOTG and had LL for TT, hopped to HS at 2 with a LL for slinky and TSM then headed to AK, could have had a EE LL but no one wanted to ride again so we started stacking for MK, we got a SM, BTMRR and splash to finish out the night.

Definitely worth it for us!

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