2022 Food & Wine Early Details Released

Looks like the food booths and some of the concerts have been released today!





I mean I guess that’s awesome. But it just feels like stuff gets released earlier and earlier. And in an odd way it bums me the heck out.

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I’ll be honest that I was shocked but I suppose the first concerts are creeping within 60 days believe it or not so they want those dining packages to go out!

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Yeah! I’m so excited to see that TBD will perform while I’m there!



Same!! What time should I get in line do you think?? :rofl:

I’m actually very sad to narrowly miss Hanson and Boyz II Men!


Omg for them? I’d consider noon.

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Me too, popular group to be performing that often. :sunglasses:


At least a good amount of booths aren’t being held to open until 10/1 this year. :roll_eyes:

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Am I currently looking at this list and deciding an impromptu trip when BBMak is playing? No, that would be ridiculous. (Yes, yes I am)


I miss Big Bad Voodoo Daddy by a week.

TBD better be damn good!


Literally everything my DD would want to eat opens August 15th. :woman_shrugging:

One less thing to try to do. Unless one of those TBD pans out and is an awesome band from my 20’s (and she will HATE me).


I too am annoyed by the ones not opening in July. These places sound great to me, DD20 or DS18:

Coastal Eats – Opening August 15
Savor succulent seafood dishes

Hawaiʻi – Opening August 15
Traverse the Pacific for tropical flavors and island favorites both savory and sweet.

Mac & Eats – Opening August 15
Discover macaroni-and-cheese combos your mom never imagined!

The Noodle Exchange – Opening August 15
Savor the flavors of the Far East served up in delicious noodle dishes.


Exactly! I joke about the wing place (the AC and water refill station is awesome) but those are the dishes I want.

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Meh…too early to tell yet…🫠

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ISWYDT (sentence)

Lol i will be there for both Hanson and Boyz 2 Men…I do like to ummm bop sometimes but i am always down for some mo’ town philly :grin:


Yeah I would have loved to see Boyz To Men.

Funny thing is…I have met them before. We graduated from the same HS and they would come visit when they were in town sometimes…never saw them in concert though. :woman_shrugging: better late than never lol i am a little pumped

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I thought they had Criss Cross for August :joy::rofl: