2022 Candlelight Processional Dining Reservations

I have never booked the dining packages before, but I would like to for CP…

Do I make the reservation from the CP site:

Or do I go straight to the restaurant page?

Thanks for any guidance.

In the link you shared you can click on a restaurant, enter dates and see what’s available (this is the dinning page). In the past, when I’ve looked for an ADR they will show options for packages for shows etc.

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Reservations opened early, booked at 5:40am


I saw that too… but I guess its rolling out at 60 days? Because I wasn’t able to book my late December date…

Late December is more than 60 days away at this point. As of today the furthest out you could book is December 16 with 60+10 advantage

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Yes 60 days rule still applies, I booked 11/27.

Thanks! I think my window opens in a few more days.

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I wish you could modify these reservations as there are slim pickings for a party of 2, but quite a bit more for a party of 4. Most restaurants you can book 4 and then modify down to 2 if 2 isn’t available while searching, but these only give you the option to cancel.

I think this is perhaps because it’s a per-person fee related to an event?

But it is 100% maddening with this and all other dining reservations that there is availability for 4 but not 2 - a table that seats 4 will seat 2!!

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I had a trial run just now and the app is great for CP reservations. It gives you the available dining times as well as which show you’ll get. I just searched for “candlelight processional” in MDE and then clicked on make reservations.



I tried it too… that’s a good tip!