2021 predictions!?

Hello. Our next trip from the UK will be in 2021 and we will hopefully be able to take advantage of the uk free dining offer. BUT really don’t know when to go this time. My little one will be starting school in the August so ideally would be before then. Thinking pre spring break/Easter. But the disadvantage is that there will be a number of rides that wouldn’t be open (ie Tron). Is there any thoughts on when is good for 2021?

We did September last year and it was brilliant- low crowds, EEMH, amazing weather. We can’t do September again but could maybe take her out a week prior to October holidays? Then have 3 weeks - one week prior and then the October holidays.
We are using points for our flights so will be booking them at 11 months prior…
any ideas??

2021 is going to bring about the 50th anniversary of WDW. It will be a year long celebration, and it is expected that crowds will be higher than 2020 as who don’t visit every year will be holding off their trips until 2021.

October 1, 2021 will be the actual 50th anniversary opening of the Magic Kingdom’s opening on October 1, 1971. I would predict that week will be CL 10 in the parks all week long. I’m talking Christmas and New Year’s Eve, phased closings CL 10.

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If if were me I’d take advantage of the time before your child’s school starts when you can still go during low crowd times. Once you are locked into the school schedule only the high cost, high crowd times are available. It’s harder to take a kid out for a week than it sounds (at least for me here in the US). I wish I’d understood that before my oldest one started Kindergarten.

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