2021 Annual Passes

Hi! I have done my research and found about nothing but I’m going to ask here just in case I missed something.
Are APs going to be available in 2021? We moved to the edge of FL in March of 2020 and I want to buy APs. We’ve never had them before and though we just bought into DVC we didn’t do so directly. Basically I want to plan (several) trips in 2021 and APs make sense, truthfully if we had them now we would have rented points and gone next week.

There has been no word yet.

Movement in the right direction though. Park hopping has returned, the DVC APs can be renewed and anyone who had one that expired during lockdown can renew, even if they opted to cancel it.

One suggestion is they don’t want to sell APs without being able to fulfil the benefits “promised”. With park reservations still in force they can’t guarantee that park hopping will be possible or even that AP holders will be able to get into the park of their choice (or even at all). DVC AP holders are obviously more likely to be staying onsite and therefore should be able to book for those stays at least (although not guaranteed, resort guests have so far always been able to get into a park).


I’ve been watching for AP sales to resume too. I’ve written and called asking when w/o satisfaction. My DH’s AP expired and then we moved to FL this past summer. I’ve told Disney that their new ticket structure is cost prohibitive to locals. We also have DVC. I’ve determined that I’ll dump my DVC if APs are not reinstated.

What kind of AP did he have and when did it expire? Did you see that they offered to renew the DVC APs that expired (or were cancelled) since the parks closed?

TY yes I did see that. I called, after they stated they’d reinstate APs, about getting DH and DS APs renewed and they determined they were out of the “window” for that offer


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has this been verified? My Dh’s expired during the lockdown and we had to buy him tix for our upcoming trip. I’d love to be able to upgrade them.

Call the AP help number. They can determine if his AP is eligible for reinstatement. V.I.PASSHOLDER Support at (407) 939-7277.

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If I purchase the 4 day Florida Resident Discover Disney Ticket and APs come back before it expires I should be able to upgrade the ticket cost to an AP right? The language on this is greek to me but I think I understand the process

Yes, that has always been allowed in the past.

I can’t see why they would not allow it when APs return. Maybe perhaps see if you can do an online Chat with a CM and ask for the transcript? Is there a separate number for ticketing, they should be able to give correct info?

Thanks! I really have nothing to lose here, I’m ready to go back and the price is good on the ticket and then fingers crossed APs will come back.

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What I was told by a CM when I bought that same 4day FL resident ticket that expired on Dec. 18 was that I had to have at least one day remining for it to be applied to an AP. I did that but they haven’t resumed the sale of APs and these current FL deals expire in June (for the 4 day ticket and earlier for less days). I think I’ll see if I can apply my balance on another FL resident deal. Let us know what you find out.

Just chatted w/ WDW and found some interesting info out about application of unused tickets to an annual pass (not for sale yet)

“Also, if these were available and you try to check options in regards to using the value of the Ticket to buy an Annual Pass, your Annual Pass would be expired in July 2021 because it would be 1 year from the 1st usage.”

I take this to mean that if we used the FL resident ticket toward the purchase of an annual pass the first date of use of original ticket would be the first day of use for the AP too.

This is interesting. I’m chatting with a CM now. I cancelled mine but have since bought a 7 day PH. CM is looking t what options I have.

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From the CM chat just now,
“Since you were recently a Passholder, we may have an opportunity to sell you a new Annual Pass that is paid in full. To do this we will submit your information to a team who will validate the eligibility of your recent Annual Pass and call you within the next 7 Days to discuss your options.”



Yes, I’ve gone through this and they determined that my DH’s AP did not fall w/in the window to reinstate it :frowning: I wish you better luck!!!

We’ll see. Then I’ll need to weight the cost/benefits.

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Yes, I figured this would be the downside and for me it’ll totally depend on when APs are available again.
Thanks for chatting with them :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I hope it works out!

Well, I wasn’t banking on it but Disney ticketing called me like they said would and told me I am eligible to renew my AP. I’ve already purchased a new 7day PH ticket through boardwalk ticketing (paid $611) then upgraded through MDE to add water parks & more for $20. They told me my ticket is valued at $691. AP costs $1080 so it would only cost me $389 to upgrade. Not to mention I got a refund of about $245 when I cancelled my AP last summer. Not too bad, with memory maker and food discounts it might be a break even in one trip if I decide to go for it.
I’m just waiting to see if PE deals drop for CSR in march so I can compare the AP room discount savings vs PE.

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