2020 wine and dine races, did I pick a bad time for a trip?

Hi All, So we just planned our second WDW trip - a quick trip from Friday, October 30 - Tuesday, November 3 2020. This is a weekend that works well for us because the kids will have November 3 off of school due to election day and we can fit in a trip with only missing 2 days of school.

Anyway, I am just now reading about the Wine and Dine races that are happening this year in the beginning of November. Are these races the same time every year? Will this be a bad time to go? Should we plan to avoid certain parks?

Any wisdom you can impart would be so appreciated.

Edited to add: We already booked a package at the Boardwalk with 3 day park hoppers for the dates listed.

I went that weekend last year.

My main takeaway was don’t go to Epcot on Sunday. We did. Got stuck trying to get to FEA because the race wasn’t over and then food and wine was packed when the race ended.

The Thursday and Friday before that weekend were great. Saturday was a little busy (probs normal
Saturday) and Monday was really busy by mid day.

Sigh, of course I have my trip that is 476 days away already mapped out in my head. My big plan was to do a PPO breakfast at GG and then walk onto soaring’ on that Sunday because it’s the day that the clocks “fall back” and we could go to an early breakfast without it feeling too early. I will have to rework my plans… I guess I have a little time to work on them :wink:


Our rope drop was pretty good but getting to our 10 am FEA was pretty hard because we were stoped from crossing. Then we thought doing WS right at 11 would be good but it felt immediately full so we ending up getting out of there.

It just ended up being frustrating and my kids were OVER it.

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I wanted to add that we really thought it was a great time to go. The holiday decorations in the park start to go up. While we we were there Elsa frosted the magic kingdom, for the winter castle decor. That happened Sunday and I only heard about it while we were there. Not sure if it always is the same day but
Look out for stuff like that. Pretty magical!
Also weather was all over the place so pack every season lol.

Wasn’t the race weekend also the last weekend of F&W? So odds are that the festival would have been packed anyway.

I have a friend that went around that weekend a few years ago and she loved it because she got to do the end of the Halloween season and the beginning of the Christmas season and a least a couple of her days the parks were relatively quiet, although she may have had more days than you are doing.

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No it went on for another week.

Still close enough to the end that weekends are always going to be packed.

I think weekends are always packed for F&W. We went in October and Epcot WS was horrific starting around noon due to F&W.

Lesson learned. Avoid F&W on weekends at all costs! :slight_smile:


Yea agree weekend was bad. We thought going for 11 and getting out would help but it was packed from the start.

So definitely I would change days if you can!

Thank you so much for these replies!

We are looking at changing our trip dates around, we were really excited to stay in an Epcot resort and have park hoppers and zip over to Epcot in the evenings. It sounds like this would not be a good plan for the first weekend in November.

We are thinking of moving the trip up to a long weekend in May, May 1-5 2020, with park days being May 2, 3 and 4th. Is there anything happening that I should know about planning a trip in the beginning of May?

We were there this May 1-6 and overall it was good (fantastic weather) but there were also cheerleaders everywhere. Parks not bad, but moderate (and value) resorts were zoos.

For the 2020 wine and dine, many of the runners are predicting that it will be a different weekend next year because of Halloween.

I would love for this to be true, do you have any idea how far in advance they release the dates?

Date probably won’t be released until late fall (I think it was almost December last year). The last time Halloween fell on the first weekend, the runs were much earlier in October.