2020 Universal military offers are out

FYI Universal Orlando finally came out with their 2020 military ticket and room offers. They are now offering 5 days! Last year was 4. They extended the 2019 offers until March 2020 to cover the gap. It’s my understanding that 2019 tix can now be used until the end of March, but you’d want to verify that before trying to use them still. The ones purchased now will go from now until Dec 31, 2020.

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YAY that they are out! boo that it’s a mandatory 5 days (and the larger price that goes along). If they wanted to offer 5 days, I wish they would have done like Disney and offered both 4 and 5 day options.

Off to send my order form to Shades of Green!

Does anyone think it really takes 5 days to see the two main Universal parks?

To me it seems that they are trying to keep up with Disney, which now offers 6 days for 2020 under their military offer. But I think they know they don’t have 6 days worth of stuff to do yet. The good news is that the 5th day of Universal, at the 2 park price, is only about a $20 price increase (per adult ticket) over last year’s price (I remember b/c I did 2 park tix last year and remember the prices–I don’t remember the 3 park price).

Does it take five days? No. Do I absolutely love having five days? Yes. :slight_smile:


Co-signed! We only did one early morning-evening day out of our 5, but having the extra time and flexibility was so good.

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I would love 5 days; I agree it would be relaxing. Our only visit there we only had 1.5 days.

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Interesting. I booked a room only military rate for RPR last Oct for our Sept trip. Haven’t looked at tickets yet so thanks for the heads up.

I’m not sure how they are doing the hotels. This was about the new ticket offer. I looked into possible booking of rooms for April or August (maybe a month ago) and found that they had mil discounts for the more expensive rooms but not the smaller ones I was interested in (at Hard Rock or Portofino). The person assisting me said that they would release those discounts eventually.

RO mil rates are both hit and miss and few and far between. I’ve had good luck the last few years checking early and often! Last year we had a standard RPR room for $195 this year $204. Of course all weekdays but still great prices during HHN!