2020 room Discounts tomorrow?

After looking at MouseSaver’s past few years of historical discount data, I would guess that room discounts might get released tomorrow for the beginning of 2020. (Seems to usually be Wednesday of the last week of September or the very first week of October.)
Anyone have any idea if there’s a typical time of day they usually get announced? Like 7am EST for example? Just curious.
This is all just guesswork by me, I don’t have inside info! Just super crazy excited to finally (hopefully) apply a room discount soon :slight_smile:

I’m also waiting anxiously for the 2020 military hoppers to be announced, which was this time last year as well. We order them,so we need time for shipping (usually very fast, but I get anxious) before our window opens.


oooh. fingers crossed! I’ve been waiting (not so) patiently for more info for our trip!

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