2020 Resort Prices

This may be a silly question, but is it normal to only be able to view resort prices and availability 6 months out? When I try to enter dates on the WDW site, dates are only open through 12/31/19, and are greyed out starting in the new year. If I put 12/31/19 as the check-in date, then January 2020 dates open to select as the check-out date, but that’s it. :thinking:

New prices are coming out within the next few weeks. I think around the 15th. If you want to book you have to call, but prices are not guaranteed until the release sometime next week.

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@joefishing209 is correct. New packages for 2020 will be available on June 18th. I would be shocked if there is not an increase in the dining plan too.


Nooooooooooooooo :scream::scream::scream:


I’m sure they’ll add something on to justify the increase, like giving you plastic straws with drinks. :rofl:


Toss in a lid and you have a deal (AK being the exception)

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I am actually shocked they didn’t raise it this year. There are so many buffets that are $55 before the drink. Since that one meal will be between $65-70 the dining plan can save families a lot of money. My last trip I did ‘Ohana, Artist Point, and Morimoto lunch. Each of those meals was the cost of the plan for the day. When you add the festivals food booths, refillable cups…food prices went through the roof this year at disney.

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Not that I use it, but…seriously? As it is, getting the dining plan for us would cost us up to a couple hundred dollars more than if we didn’t get the plan. I guess they have to raise the price to counteract the effects of people like us saving money by NOT getting the dining plan! :wink:

As I mentioned above- families doing a lot of buffets (think first trips) are saving money after that last increase. Disney will address that- don’t you think?

TAs have been told that 2020 vacation package prices will be released on the 18th June.

Wonder if that was related to the fact that the dining plans were already on sale in the U.K. and couldn’t be increased due to EU rules.
And they, understandably, didn’t want two different prices for the dining plans.

I haven’t paid attention to any increase in price for the dining plans on the U.K. site though, so can’t verify this theory.

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Oh! I wonder if it went up for 2020?

Now who do we know from the U.K. who uses the dining plan?

@mousematt, did you book a dining plan last year? And if so, how do prices compare this year?

Last summer: No. December: Yes. This coming December: Yes. I’ll have to look at my invoices.



December 2018:

December 2019:

Both are for six night stays. Last year was the week before Christmas. This year is the week before the week before Christmas.

Oh. I don’t have the dining plan this year, do I.


There’s no dining plan on that second invoice.

Yeah. I just realised. I’m not doing it this Christmas.

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Notice however the big drop in the accommodation charge (because it’s a week earlier) and the large (in percentage terms) increase in the ticket cost.

Same resort?