2020 Promotions. Could today be the day?

Last year it was on Saturday 9/29. So, I hoped really hard and woke up and went over to MDE to look for new special orders. Nothing. Zip. Nada. So, should I be wearing out the F5 key? Should I figure it’s not today? Could it happen on a Sunday. Should I just chill til Monday?

What do I do with the rest of my day? What do I do with the rest of my weekend? What is there to do now? What?

Someone on Disboards reported that they had insider info that the release will be Tuesday. So…maybe Tuesday? I’m waiting impatiently myself.

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This makes my life easier. I’m just going to get on with my life and stop checking for a few days. And really, it’s probably for the best. The first few days when promotions are announced are often nuts. Just nuts I tell you!

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Oh man I’ve been checking daily!


It’s excruciating!


What kinds of promotions have been offered in years past? Is it possible to add them to existing reservations?

Yes, you can add them. I believe. Or at least that’s what they said when I booked the room only reservation six bizillion years in advance.

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I don’t see anything today… the wait continues!

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Alright October 1. Nothing! What are we speculating?

Lol, my prediction is tomorrow :slight_smile:
(Using MouseSavers historical discounts info)

Alright hope your right lol.


So, guessing it’s tomorrow… Is this a “wake up early to adjust current bookings” kind of thing? Or just get to it when we get to it? (tomorrow sometime)

If we DO have to wake up early… how early?

(by the way, I just booked Amtrak out to Glacier National Park, and THAT is crazier than Disney)


Good point. I was told it would show up on the Disney website first but when do they roll these things out? Is it in the morning batch like the Tuesday maintenance? Or is it after midnight like 12:01am? Inquiring minds want to know :slight_smile:

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Yep. This is the kind of thing you want to get on as soon as you can because the discounts are typically limited to a certain number of rooms at select resorts. I’m waiting too. I’m going in January regardless, but I wouldn’t mind saving a few bucks. I’ve been stalky mcstalkerson for a few days now.


Random. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night and see that it’s gone live, sometimes it doesn’t come until after 7am

Stalk. Stalk. And stalk again.


Does Disney not allow someone to book a new reservation online with the discount and then cancel the original reservation?

Well looks like not today again. We live to stalk another day…


I would think so.

This is getting ridiculous…

Annoyed! Lol maybe no discounts?