2020 pricing has released

You could say it’s a little … intense.



Arrrghhh…I keep getting the “working on it” message…maybe I don’t want to know…:money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

Yeah, the site is (shocked not shocked!) not working right this morning. I was able to get as far as seeing some of the pricing but couldn’t get further than that.

It’s nice that some things never change. Like we can always know that Disney IT stinks.


And now you get to pay more for that!

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I saw the regular AP increase…dining and regular tickets released too?

Honestly can’t get that far LOL Only got as far as seeing room rates before the site broke. And the room rates…

Well, let’s just say the Skyliner is “value added” to the resorts it serves :wink:

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I probably should have booked my 2020 trip Before these packages released. I got as far to see Pop Century at $209 per night. Pretty sure I just got priced right out of my trip and we will be delaying until potentially 2021 :frowning:

You couldn’t have booked a package before today. I’m confused.

Sorry, booked my room I mean. I got a quote awhile back for room only at pop century - it was $1094 for 6 nights which is less than the current room rate posted on the site.

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Whoa. I was able to punch in our usual January dates and it’s out of control. Pop is over $300 per night.

It’s one of the many reasons that we bought DVC last year. The spectre of SWGE (and I think it was even before they announced the Skyliner) made us concerned about supply/demand and whatever else Disney factors in.

Of course, I still have one day to go before I can book our January trip and I can see availability on that is getting sketchy…

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I am happy that I have DVC booked in February and May but I may consider other options for tickets.

Looks like cruises from here on out for me… At least those include food!!


I"m a little shook about the AP price hike. I mean, is it normal for it to go up so much? It’s about $250 more per person. Ugh.

No, it doesn’t normally go up this much. This is a huge jump (and obscene IMO).


Ugh, I was hoping they’d announce the opening date for the next SWGE ride. I’d love to go in November but not if it’s opening while I’m there.

Just now checking in and seeing this thread. I had planned to upgrade to AP for my October trip. Will I pay the new AP price?

Trying to book my room… I filled everything out and hit Purchase, but now it’s stuck on the “Stay Tuned!” singing men animation…

Yes, if you have tickets you are upgrading it will be the new price .

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Well, I just went in to do a little research on a possible trip in June 2020. I was suprised to find that a nine night stay with seven day hopper/water park tickets for five people at Yacht or Beach Club is only about $500 more than AoA. Don’t get me wrong, $500 is a lot of money, but I would have guessed the difference to be greater than that.

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What’s the rationale for booking a package instead of a room only and adding on the park tickets and extras later? My mom is convinced that a package saves money, but I’m not sure that’s true. I’ll be doing more research today to see if I can figure things out.