2020 emm

Is there a typical date when Disney posts EMM for Fantasy Land and Toy Story Land?

We are getting our parks and ADRs figured out and it would help to know. I’m wondering if they won’t offer EMM for toy story land because of Star Wars?


I’d also like to know what they’re planning on doing with EMM. I hope it will be posted at 180 days but I’m not holding my breath!

It looks like 2019 spring and summer EMM dates weren’t released until Feb 7, 2019. I’m hopeful they won’t wait that long for 2020 dates.

With EEMH offered at MK (7 am) and HS (6 am) from September through the first week of November, I can’t imagine they’ll offer early morning magic during that period. Who knows what happens after that.

eta Hopefully they’ll continue to offer it at both parks. They release the dates in batches, so it’s not always available to book 180 days out.

I’m thinking that nothing will be offered during the EEMH for SWGE from 8/20-11/2. I’m looking for December dates for EMM, so I’m kind of in the same boat. Historically, HS dates seem to be Mondays and Wednesdays, not sure about MK.

Don’t know what will happen because of Star Wars but EMM for HS was released on 10/7 for dates in February & March. I couldn’t find when EMM for MK was released for that same time period.
I would suggest you put that park (MK or HS) on the days they usually have EMM so you don’t have to rearrange your TP after they release EMM.