2020 Discounts Out and

Yep. Mine are apparently in a busier week.

We always stay onsite and booked a trip in late Jan.-early Feb. 2020 thinking this was a slower time and we would get a good annual pass holder discount. Turns out there are no rooms available at Pop Century for that timeframe. (I don’t believe that). I couldn’t find any value resort rooms for the length of stay we are going to be there. I’m pretty fed up, we were counting on a room discount, one of the reasons we got the annual passes…

No rooms available or no rooms available for the promo?

Must be no rooms available for the promo. Try looking on Travelocity or Expedia. They have different inventories and might have similar discounts. It is worth checking, at least.

Part of what makes it “worth it” for me is not driving while we are there! That being said in just 5 years we have been priced out of the deluxe hotels. The first time we went WL was $188 for 2 nights in June and that was before I really knew how to look for a deal! It’s too bad MVT no longer seems to have the same discounts (we stayed at the Poly for crazy cheap on a 3 night stay 2 years ago). Last year we splurged on AKL for a 2 night stay for my parents but in a studio villa so not rack rates. Dream come true for my Dad but can’t justify that for the 2 of us. Of course every where might be sticker shock since it’s been so long since I’ve traveled!!! Back in '93 a bunch of us stayed at a convent our first night in Venice for $5 (we had a curfew, slept on cots in a dining hall) by the time we got to Rome we were up to $50 a night in a hotel!

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Never a good plan to count on discounts of any kind. They have been getting less and less and the ones offered have been less impressive overall. Also, discounts are not for every room at a resort; the designate a certain number of rooms to qualify and once those are gone that’s it. The discounts do sell out many times.

That said I would encourage you to try again to search inventory. The site was super glitchy the past few days. It gets that way when it is overloaded with traffic, common on discount release days. Also check after the third day discounts were available. Reservations placed on a hold but not deposited on will go back into inventory then this will also increase room availability.

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No rooms available for the promo :frowning:

Thanks for the advice! I’ll try that.

OB gave some great advice here, to add to it, if your flexible on your hotel, look at other hotels, you may find a deal.

I have also found that on the discounts, the lower priced rooms are often very limited or not included in the promos. We have had some success in the past upgrading our room during a promo for very little or less than what we originally book the standard room for. If you can’t decrease your cost, try to get more for your money.