2020 Discounts Out and

Nope. Not even with a Passholder discount is staying onsite worth the money.

I’m sure it’s not financially “cheaper”, but determining whether it’s “worth the money” depends on how much you value 60 day fast passes, onsite transportation, early admission, resort theming, and the like.


I factored all of your ingredients in when calculating the worth.

If there were still the EMH like there used to be without the now pay for After Hours or Early Morning Magic, the worth might still be there. Even with 60 day advantage, it can be difficult to get SDD, FoP, and 7DMT. I’ve done the 30 day many many times before and no problems getting most FP I wanted.

But those resort prices are simply insanity to me.

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What value do you place on those factors? We put a high value on proximity to the parks and Disney transportation. We also do relatively shorter trips (4-5 nights) so we can spend more per night than people who stay for a week or longer and still come out with a total cost that is similar.

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While we’ll be staying on property for our December 2020 anniversary trip, I agree that staying on property almost NEVER makes sense from a purely financial standpoint. We save a TON of money, plus get far MORE for the money we spend even if we COULD find something at a similar price-point on property, by staying OFF property.

I wouldn’t look at these discounts as targeting those used to staying off site, but for those who WANT to stay on site, and just hoping for a financial incentive to do so and/or a way to save money or upgrade their preferred resort.

For our May 2020 trip, 10 nights in a 5 bedroom house with 4 bathrooms, full kitchen, game room and private pool works out to less than $150/night. There’s just no possible way we could come even CLOSE to that for 7 people on site.


Is Disney transportation better then taking an Uber/Lyft to and from the parks? That costed me $25 per car per day (a car shared amongst 4), mostly 15 minutes except for MK.

Correct. Just saved some money for my AKL stay and am now thinking of rolling that savings into the 2nd half of my trip and switch from the Swan to BWI CL.

Very little. Wyndham Bonnet Creek has the same proximity and we drive so transportation is a non-factor for us.

This next trip is flying so transportation is important but this was a one off.

That’s the thing…I really want to stay onsite but I can’t justify the costs in my head. I guess I spent too many years poring over The Tightwad Gazette and couponing for onsite to ever make sense for me except for our next trip where I still went cheapest I could go but the cost almost has me wishing we were staying home.

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I think that depends on what you’re looking at. Most of the Values can be had for as low as $102/nt That’s pretty darned good if you ask me.


For my dates, the cheapest was $171. And I agree that $102 is pretty good.

This is our family, too. We spend like drunken sailors for a week because we want the conveniences and then we’re out of there.

I know there are ways to do WDW on a budget, I did it before. But not anymore, it’s too crowded.

I guess, to us, it’s become an every-five-years luxury vacation. because we can’t stand it any other way. We did have a really great time in May, but it was not cheap, and I guess that’s the way it’s going to be from now on for our family.


I got to downgrade my rooms at POFQ from King to Standard. It worked out for me without the discount. I saved close to $350.

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With the latest price increases that number is hard to get. I looked at Pop for this promo and it was $175/night with the AP discount.

Depends on when you go. For my week in April, Preferred at Music is $138 and Pop was $153 with the AP discount. For February, they are considerably higher.


I usually get the discount emails (Disney Visa) but got nothing and when I went online on MDE site said discounts exist but none showed up when I searched end of Feb. seemed rack rate

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I just went in august and stayed at ASM for $88 per night. I couldn’t believe it when I booked it. Unfortunately those days will be long gone now…

Worth to one is different than worth to another. I understand that with the rising prices the “worth” gets harder to justify for some…for us, we still see a value in it. We stayed in Orlando this past summer at a great condo, plenty of room and enjoyed the resort and did Universal. Disney to us is different, onsite is part of the magic for us. We went the DVC rental route for our trip next May and we are looking forward to the location of Bay Lake. Can’t see us staying off prem for a full Disney Vacation.


General promo, not AP and not FL res. Room only:

Pop is $140/nt avg for my dates

ASMu is $102/nt avg

ASMo is $122/nt avg for preferred

I was in the system today. A lot. I know the pricing.


It is very dates-dependent.