2020 Children’s QS credit and mobile ordering

Looking for advice, any help would’ve be greatly appreciated!

I’ve been researching for our upcoming trip in June and looking over menus. These questions are geared to a picky but hungry 9Y.
My first question on the children’s menu are the listed side items a suggestion and can be swapped with other sides?
Example in MK @ Pecos Bill. The cheeseburger comes with tortilla chips, can that be swapped for rice instead?
Also since I’ve never used mobile ordering is that an option within the app?

Another example in HS @ Rizzos only has cheese pizza listed under their kids menu can you add sausage and pepperoni?

Second question is about savory snack credits in MK or HS other than popcorn and pretzels, wasn’t sure if they exist?


I was just looking at the Mobile Order menu for the kids cheeseburger at Pecos and it says it comes with applesauce and a mandarin. The adult cheeseburger comes with tortilla chips and it does appear you could have rice instead with the adult burger.

I don’t see an option to add anything to the Rizzo’s cheese pizza within the app.

Tortilla chips are a savory snack credit at Peco’s that we really like (that may not help you since it seems you were looking to avoid the tortilla chips).

You can practice mobile ordering so you can test for yourself.


TP menus have an indicator next to everything eligible for snack credits. There are lots of savory items so you’ll want to poke around a bit.

You can also check on the lines app. From the home screen, go into Browse menus for items. Go into Advanced search options and tick the snack box. You do have a lot of snacks to go through though! (ETA I just checked and there are nearly 7000 items on 172 pages. Many of which are bottles of water :roll_eyes:)

Or you can go to Browse menu by location and look at places you are considering.


TIL! Definitely worth a scroll through…teriyaki beef slider? Onion ring basket? Salmon BLT? Definitely savory items to be found!

Probably good I didn’t know about that tip while at Disney. Already didn’t have enough stomach for all the snacks I wanted to try!

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