2019 September Memory Maker Share

My husband and I are touring WDW Sept. 16-20, 2019

Wondered if anyone was interested in a Memory Maker share?
We’d set it up.

Hi there. We would be interested in a memory maker share if you have space still. We are going Sep 22-28.

We decided against it

my trip is September 24 to October 2

I had to cancel my trip due to the hurricane. I’m currently in a Sept. Memory Maker Share. If anyone would like to reimburse me for my part of the share and take my spot, let me know! You don’t have to be going next week. Anytime in the month of September is fine!

@angeleast, are you still looking to get rid of your spot? We are leaving for Disney next week and looking for a group to join (just found out this was a thing! haha)

I did find someone to take my spot. You might want to try the Sept. Liners group on Facebook to see about getting in a last minute share.