2019 Resort discounts


Can’t see a thread on this yet. Here are the details of discounts for stays between Jan 1st to March 9th. Book until Jan 2nd.


THere is also a room only discount of up to 25% off that goes through most of April


Thank you so much for sharing this today! Just saved $700! :slight_smile:


I’ll PM you for my cut then! :joy:


Yup. Got the email.

Have already booked a January girls trip. AKL, and my airfare was $11 and 11,800 points. Yay jet blue!

My husband, sigh. This is ALL his fault. He bought the family premier passes. I meant I HAVE TO USE MINE RIGHT?!



Our goal is to get Premier Passport tomorrow! While at WDW. I was already thinking of a post-Christmas trip, staying off-site, but I might move that to onsite :wink:


LOL. I’ll send you a souvenir!