2019 Princess Races

I thought there was an age limit in the Princess Races. Today looking I don’t see one. I don’t run much but I can walk a solid 16 minute mile in the hilly Piedmont NC. At the beach where it’s more flat 14 minutes and if I trained I could do better so I think I could keep ahead of the pace person and finish. Wondering about doing this with DD. She would be 3 and most likely I would push her in a stoller if that’s allowed— that’s how I walk normally anyway. If not I can take another adult and just meet them when I’m done and let her do the kid’s race(s). Just wondering if any other fast walking mommies have done this, how it went, suggestions, ideas??? Did you stay extra days to go to the parks? Can I push her in a stoller? Wear her in a carrier— this is harder now that she’s bigger but I have one for toddlers.

I have not done a rundisney race but have looked into them several times. They used to allow strollers in the 5k races but that has stopped now. I believe 2012 Wine & dine was the last race they were allowed in. Baby carriers are also not allowed. All the races do have age limits, you can find them under the race FAQs.

There IS an age limit for most of the races. The Princess weekend is these (they are under the registration link on the RunDisney page for each race weekend):

For the 5K it is 5.
For the 10K it is 10.
For the Half or the Challenge it is 14.

NO strollers are allowed on the course. They are a safety hazard for everyone around you.

Thy have kids races determined by age groups as well as a one mile race for anyone 13 and under. But the kid has to go under their own power - though parents can run with their children.

(And for anyone interested in Marathon Weekend in January, for the Marathon or Goofy or Dopey Challenge, the age limit is 18.)

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