2019 Epcot Drink Around the World

We are visiting in early September as 4 adults. Naturally drinking around the world sounds interesting. Does anyone know if Epcot sells passports or other merchandise for drinking around the world?

I know there are unofficial passports that you can find online. Not sure Disney officially promotes this particular activity :grimacing::grimacing:

I think they do still have the passports in general though, so perhaps with some fun stickers of your own, you could repurpose them :slight_smile:

There are many “resources” on line, but Disney in no way promotes this practice…

I believe the Food & Wine Festival has a “passport” that includes places to check off food, and drinks.

The Lodge Guys on You Tube have merchandise for Drinking Around the World and a pretty funny VLOG too.

Thanks. I will go the food and wine route.