2019 dining plan changes?

So I booked my trip last night with a travel agent. I booked a package with dining but the agent said there is only 1 snack daily, not 2 with the dining plan. and I checked the Disney website last night and it did in fact list only one snack per night with the standard plan . but today the website lists 2 snacks. So now I’m wondering what exactly am I going to get? Hoping to hear back from my agent soon to clarify this

That’s funny, all the articles I read yesterday said the only change was a child price increase .

Edited to add that this was the KtP post:

We have a UK package for 2019 and it states 2 snacks.

Apparently it was just some kind of computer glitch they had on the day the packages were released. I heard back today, definitely two snacks!


We found that the reason they changed from one snack per day in the past to two was because they no longer included a dessert with most meals. They found that many people did not want a dessert or would waste it so they decided to take the desserts off most quick service meals and give you and extra snack. Therefore if you would like a dessert with your quick service meal you can use your extra snack and get one. This is how it worked for our meal plan.:smirk:

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That’s right, the desserts at most QS are rubbish so they decided to take it away from the plan and add an extra snack. This means you can get something tastier with your snack credit, but if you’re on the QS plan it means you lose 2 desserts and only get 1 extra snack credit to make up for it.

But now you also get a specialty or alcoholic drink.

You do, but you’re still missing a dessert. If you’re using the drink entitlement, yes that’s worth more than the dessert most likely. But not everyone wants a speciality drink (admittedly not everyone wants a dessert either) and I don’t think the 2 changes are linked since the snacks was in 2017 and the drinks are new this year. I wasn’t really thinking of the value of a credit, just that they took 2 desserts away and replaced them with 1 snack.

I personally won’t get a speciality drink at QS, but we upgraded to TS where I will definitely order a cocktail and I’ll also get my dessert :blush:


I just do not care for QS desserts- at all. I always felt I was grabbing a bad cupcake just to keep that credit. Does the QS in Mexico have margaritas with a meal?

Good to know. ! Thanks for sharing

Yes they are on the menu so I assume you can get one.

You’re right, a lot of QS desserts were bad. The chocolate mousse at ABC was heavenly though, and you could get a butterfinger cupcake at Starring Rolls (RIP).

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