2018 Spring Break - Date Ranges?

I’m trying to plan a last-minute (at least for me!) trip to DL in March. My daughter has an extended Spring Break, and the earliest we can go is Monday March 12th. When does SB typically start?? I’m hoping we are early enough in the month to avoid some of the increased crowds. Our official Spring Break is March 26-30th.

Disney - and most touristy places - don’t have one “Spring Break” week but rather a “Rolling Spring Break” from about mid-February through Easter week. Between colleges and universities and the myriad of school system calendars, any time during that period is “Spring Break” for any number of schools.

Agree that you get a rolling spring break period. FWIW we’ve gone the last 2 years the first weekend in March & we’ve had fairly moderate crowds. I don’t know about as late as the 12th tho. That to me seems to be the start of most college spring breaks but my personal guess would be that it’s still not as busy as the week leading up to Easter which does coincide with your official spring break.

As for the last minute planning, you’re right on time by the laid back, West Coast standards. Entertainment schedules & hours aren’t up until 6 weeks before (and most often entertainment is added up until 30 days before) & ADRs only open up 60 days before. Even then there’s only a select few that require booking close to the 60 days, so you’re still in great shape! Especially considering that table service in DLR isn’t really as necessary due to the amount of great quick service & snacks resort-wide.

Thanks for the feedback! I suppose I should’ve worded that better - I was just curious what the “typical” Spring Break period is. It’s probably wishful thinking on my part to think we can avoid the giant crowds :smiley:. We actually went mid-March two years ago, but Easter was about a week early than it is this year (2016=Mar 27, 2018=Apr 1)…so I’m hoping it’ll help. It was pretty busy then - so I couldn’t even imagine it being busier as it got closer!

Here is TP’s article about the wide range of spring breaks, with lots of details as to what dates various regions tend to favor. https://blog.touringplans.com/2017/08/14/school-schedules-crowd-levels/ .

Edit: This article analyzes school breaks throughout the whole year, not just spring break.


That is very interesting, and helpful! Thank you!

Love this, thank you for sharing!