2018 Guide


Wahoo! Got the new 2018 book! And, at our 180 day mark too. So excited.


Happy reading! Will you read it "cover to cover"or selected sections?


Probably not cover to cover since we already booked our room and tickets but still have so much to read up on. I didn't realize I was such a big Disney nerd :slight_smile: Squee!


Then you have found your people! Isn't it great !


So great!


I have already read it cover to cover twice! I love that book. To me it is Dogma.


Still didn't get mine. Sometimes I hate to live in Germany. Expected delivery: October 14th :confounded:


Still waiting on mine too......


mine arrived yesterday at the house but I won;t be seeing it for about 10 days due to my working road construction and being 2 1/2 hours away, also looks like we have to work this weekend.


bought it as well for my 2018 may trip. WOW it is loaded with info . had no idea!!


Is there a list somewhere of the updated content over the 2017 version?


I think there is. The book says that if you buy the digital copy, they update it periodically. I bought the electronic version last year which was great but all of the graphs and charts were really small and couldn't be enlarged. I don't own a kindle so I don't know if it works differently on that.