2018 Firework Schedule - Release Date?


Good afternoon, this is my first post on the board and I have a question about the Happily Ever After Fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom. My family and I will be traveling to Disney in September 2018 (I know I am early but I am a planner). Does anyone know when they release what days the Happily Ever After Fireworks shows will take place at the Magic Kingdom? We are planning on doing two days at the Magic Kingdom and will be arriving on Monday and leaving Saturday.


That will be a function of which nights Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) are set for. The party is a separate ticketed event, and there is no HEA on those nights. This year, those dates were released in April, so that's probably a rough target for when next year's will be released. Planning is great (I'm a planner too), but at 13 months out, the best you can really do is come up with some general ideas. Youcan look at this year's party dates and CLs as a very rough starting place, but anything before your 180 day mark is as much notional as it is practical...