2017 Unofficial Guide vs 2018 Unofficial Guide

Hi Everyone!

I went to Disney World last year and still have my 2017 guide. My question: is it worth buying the 2018 version? Are there enough differences to buy another book? My hotel is picked already and I know a lot of the tricks, but at the same time what’s another book purchase on top of my trip to Disney World? Any feedback is welcome.


P-S: I am going end of September/early October.

By September the 2019 guide will be out (usually out in August).

I had the 2017 guide and had to push my trip to 2018. I did buy the 2018 guide because of Pandora. That being said, I purchased the 2018 guide as a Kindle Ebook and it was only about $9 I think…

I don’t think any of the main tricks will be different, but if you pick up a Kindle copy of the 2019 guide, you will get lots of Pandora information and possibly some basic Toy Story Land info as well.

But I really like seeing the little differences in the editions, so, it was worth it to me for curiosity’s sake as well.

Just a thought!

That’s a good idea. I will wait for the 2019, to see any information about Toy Story Land. Thanks!

I buy every other year!

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I buy the kindle version as well. They don’t change much year to year but the biggest advantage in buying the Big Book is you get a discount on a on-line subscription to UOG, this makes it worth purchasing the Big Book or the Companion.

The offer right now is 27% if I renew, so I think I can renew now and wait until the new one is out to get it.

See here to see what’s changed in the 2018 edition:

“See here to see what’s changed in the 2018 edition:

I think this is just corrections and updates to the 2018 edition. It is not a list of what is different in 2018 book vs 2017 book. Still, it’s very useful for those of us who use the paperback, not e-book, version. The e-book versions are updated periodically between the yearly editions.

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