2017 Discount packages

Hi! I already booked my trip for next September and i found it more expensive than in the past. I was wondering when the discounts for next year typically come out and if I can apply them to my existing reservation. Thank you!!

You are cheapest booking each part individually instead of a package. ie hotel from universal then tickets from 3rd party. Sept will be $$$$ once Halloween stuff starts. If you book hotel only you can change/ cancel up to 5-7 days out no penalties. For Packages you are booked in with penalties but each package is different so you need to read your small print. Uni doesn’t do offers now apart from occasionally Saphire falls and Cabana bay and only release them about 2 months out. Prices will only go up for the other hotels.
Universal hotels are at 95% + capacity year round and so they don’t need to discount.

Well that’s a bummer since I already booked and have paid almost half. :frowning: Thank you for your response.