2016 EMH Schedule changes/crowd calendar accurate?

There seem to be new days for EMH at the parks… Will crowd calendar be updated to reflect these changes? Trying to plan trip for April… Not sure predicted crowd calendar accurate anymore…

The Travel Agent calendar for April still hasn’t been updated (should happen by the end of the month). Once that is updated, it takes a few days for the schedule to update here.

http://media.disneywebcontent.com/StaticFiles/ParkHours/WDWTravelAgent_April.pdf (This will automatically update when the new calendar is released)

For our March trip, there we no changes to the predicted crowd calendar. I don’t expect to see many changes, and I think the changes we will see will happen closer to the actual trip.

Hey @katmomi we’re also going April and I have been wondering too! Hopefully the Travel Agent calendar gets updated before the 180 day mark for help planning for ADRs and which parks which days…

MK will open at 8am with 7am emh Easter week but prob wont be changed official until a month or 2 before. Last 2 years its been 2 weeks of 7 am emh at MK AK added a few 7 ams at a months notice last march april also.

April is up, BTW. @katmomi @lolabear_la

So we normally travel to WDW during the holidays or end of May when hours are later. Is there any chance that regular park hours will be extended toward the end of April? Really enjoy late night touring and right now the latest MK is open is 10.

Thanks for the link to the 2016 calendars! I am going in March - can I assume what is currently listed as EMHs is definite and will not be changing?

I am also going in April - seems like parks with EMH are not predicted to be crowded? I’m have 2 different schedules so I will see if crowd calendar gets updated

Nothing is set in stone until it happens unfortunately. If you look at EasyWDW they have already made edits to the Jan 2016 calendar… and I’m sure as the dates get closer there will be more. I have read that it unusual to reduce hours, but they did so in the January calendar so who knows.

Thank you @NKHarris329!

I know this is an older thread, but this happened to me where I made touring plans about three weeks ago and now the EMH are different ! WTH?

Really frustrating especially if you aren’t park-hopping, but you still get to go WDW!! Hopefully you can switch some things around and still have time for any hard to get ADRs, FPP to get worked out!