2016 Crowd Calendars

When does TP typically solidify the crowd calendars for the following year?

I know I’m jumping the gun but I’m already looking at our 2016 trip and was curious how much the crowd calendars might change between now and then.
I believe the Princess Marathon is the weekend of Feb 20/21 so we would want to avoid that spike - but maybe arrive on the 21st and stay through the 27th? That week is currently listed as a 3/4.

We went the last week of Feb this year and the crowds were perfect (around 3/4) so want to shoot for that again - just wondering if I can expect any significant changes in the projected numbers between now and then?

I think your plan sounds good. You know the PM is already announced, so I’d expect the CC to be pretty accurate (holistically).

And, as any good Liner knows, the CC is only a small part of the story. A good TP will make up for the difference between a 3 and a 6, no prob! :smile:

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Usually the first significant CC change happens when WDW releases the initial park hours about 6 months before the month in question - if the hours are different from the predicted hours then the CC CL predictions will change as well. Then the next change to look out for is when WDW posts the “final” park hours, usually about 2 weeks before the start of a month.

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