2015 tickets

Those of you planning on 2015 trips and are not AP holders, when will you buy your park tickets? Are you buying from disney, UT, orbitz, or other right now. In the past we have always waited till a few months before or until we heard a price increase was coming, but figured this time we might as well get them ahead of time.

We'll find out tomorrow what the rates are when the packages for 2015 are released. It'll be interesting to see where the prices are at and if there will be any more random changes, like charging different prices for certain parks.

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I don't have a 2015 trip planned, but I bought tickets when I made my room reservation for my Nov 2014 trip. It just made the most sense for me. I think the only real deadline is to have your tickets fully linked in MDE before the 60-day FPP date. I've since learned that it's very hard to add people to your room if you purchased your room and tickets simultaneously as this makes your reservation a package. It worked out for me, because I really didn't want a roommate for my girls getaway trip, but it's still good to know.

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I would not buy tickets far out from a trip unless you are 100% sure no matter how good the deal is that you won't buy a package or are 100% sure you will stay off site. Many plan on doing RO and find a package deal is better for them but they are stuck with tickets the pre bought. Keep your options open as much as you can to find the best deal.