2014 Epcot Food & Wine Festival Premium Events Roll Call

Have you signed up for the seminars, parties or other special events? List them here! See you at the festival :smile:

@Mr_Itty - what did you sign up for this year?

I registered for the culinary seminars on Friday Nov. 7 at 3 pm and 5 pm.

On the phone now, waiting to book the culinary at 1pm on 10/19. @Journey_On has never done one before, so I’m looking forward to a new ‘first’ for us. :slight_smile:


Gotta wait until the 29th for the biggies. :disappointed:

Gonna do the Sunday mornings, the tequila lunch, and shake and indulge.


annnnd still on the phone. @MeetMeAtThePoly did the WDW-FEST number take you to regular Disney Dining like it did me? I kinda assumed I’d be directed to a special festival-only reservation line.

I was on the phone earlier. I was sent over to the main Disney dining queue

Yes, it did. Are you still on hold?

Me too.

yup. Still on hold. La la la.

Finally. Total call time, including the survey: 59 minutes.


@DarthD and @Meet me…what’s the best strategy for calling on opening day? Do you call a few minutes before 9 and chat them up or call right at 9?

@Elaine5715: This was my first foray into booking Food and Wine. But for everything else I usually call just a minute before opening bell. LOL

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@Elaine5715 - I’d call early, for sure.

Who has a ticket to the Oct 4 Party of the Senses? This girl, yeah baby!!
:dancer: :tropical_drink: :tophat:


Cheers! Enjoy!

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I will see you there Elaine!