20 min wait for Peter Pan at Rope Drop?

We’ve usually done Peter Pan at rope drop and we’re usually on pretty much right at park opening. I’ve been working on my plans for our upcoming visit in October and my touring plans were showing us arriving at PP around 9:11 and doing the ride and moving on to the next thing by 9:15. But today I was adding in some more items to my afternoon plan, hit Evaluate and suddenly I’m waiting for 20 minutes to ride. That doesn’t seem right and it’s goofing up the rest of my day. With this plan, we don’t make it on time for our lunch ADR and a whole bunch of other cascades happen where we don’t make some shows on time and so forth. It sort of tore my whole plan apart.

So then I thought I would copy the plan and try out some different stuff. So I put Pooh first and we’re hitting Peter Pan later with a FP in this plan. In this one, somehow I’m arriving at Pooh at 8:44 and waiting 20 minutes.

It’s so odd. So my question is two fold. How come today, suddenly upon evaluating, am I waiting 20 minutes at Peter Pan, when previously the plan didn’t have me waiting that long at all. And why, with Pooh am I arriving at 8:44 and with Peter Pan, am I arriving at 9:11?

In February we arrived at 9:05 after a preRD BOG breakfast and a 7DMT ride and the wait was about 12 minutes? I think the 20 minutes is right.

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Well, 12 is better than 20. And if we wait closer to that, we’ll actually be in a better place. Still, we’ve always literally walked right onto Peter Pan at rope drop assuming we’re near the front and don’t dilly dally.

Do you have something set before your RD?

I used to be able to put the Welcome show into the plan first thing and that changed my times, because it knew I was already in the park. I assume you can still do that.

Also, if you have something like a rest or a meal with a time set, that could throw you off.

That sounds about right. We’ve waited 20 minutes after BOG. Also, as TP updates crowd projections, the exact same touring plan will evolve over time with increasingly accurate (presumably) wait times.

I noticed the same thing, and figured it’s because of what other users mentioned above. My plan of attack is to still hit PPF (for us right after our BOG breakfast). Then if we have time and the wait is only 5 or 10 minutes, I have a ride (dumbo) noted to go to before heading to space mountain.

If the 22 (for me) minute wait is and overestimation, great - I’ll get Dumbo in too and be ahead of the game, but if not, I’ve already got a plan for that inconvenient wait time with dumbo scheduled later in the day.

Okay, so maybe the 20 minute wait is legit. So I’ll leave it alone and if it’s quicker, we’re good and we can add in a carousel ride before lunch or something, and if not, I’ve already planned on it.

But what about the weird arrival at Pooh at 8:44? Shouldn’t they be about the same?

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Did they change the park opening time?

No. When I evaluate one plan, I’m arriving at PP at 9:11, my other plan has me arriving at Pooh at 8:44. Same day. No change in hours, evaluating within minutes of one another.

Do you have a pre-RD ADR?

Is there a chance that Pooh opens later for some reason?

Nope, no, both plans are set up exactly the same way.

The Pooh plan shows me arriving at 8:44 and the Peter Plan arriving at 9:11. I’m stumped.

That is really weird… I can’t get a plan to replicate it, either. Can you make it public and post the link?

Can you publish them and post the links? That is very curious.

Pooh is popular, but Pan is king. Pan FPP run out 1-2 days ahead. Pooh FPP are available day-of, often well into the later part of the day. Given this, I would assume more people would go to Pan over Pooh and the wait would thus be longer at Pan than Pooh

I think OP has accepted that, but is questioning why it would suggest a pre-RD arrival at Pooh if they do that first, which is nearly half an hour earlier than the earliest suggested arrival for PP if they do that first.

Oh. LOL oops.

No idea :wink:

Caffeine has not hit brain + short post-night-shift sleep = poor reading comprehension skillz

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So here’s the plan with Pooh first:

And here’s the plan with PP first:

Well, you’ve got a pre-RD (8:45) ADR at Tony’s Town Square in there on the one with Pooh first… even if you have it sort of set to be at the same time it may be messing with the TP algorithms.

TPs sometimes like to change your selected dining times all sneaky-like… it’s happened to me many times and then I get all frustrated because I can’t figure out why none of the time work right anymore.