20 hours in the World (and some of those are sleeping)

I’m bipping over to WDW on 6/21 in advance of a conference I’m attending in Tampa. I’m staying the night at an offsite hotel I got for pennies through Hotwire. I’m landing in Tampa at 4:30 and heading straight to AK. I’ll spend Friday 6/22 in MK.

Until today I’ve done nothing in the way of making plans. I loosely figured on going to AK for a little Nomad action and a standby experience of FOP. But beyond that I’ve done nothing. FPP starts tomorrow.

I have just made a 1910 reservation at Tiffins. I’ll never get my family in there so this is a good time to enjoy it myself. I hope to arrive early enough to have a cocktail in Nomad beforehand. I’ll head to FOP after and, depending how long that takes as Standby, wil see where the night takes me. Maybe a little time in Africa at Dawa before heading back to my hotel.

In the morning I have secured an 0730 at Kona. This was smart thinking as it gets me Poly parking as well as Tonga toast and mimosas. I’ll head to MK via monorail and see what I can get up to over there. I’m thinking about my FPP - I’ll make those on Wed.

I’ll boat back to Poly in mid-afternoon to start the drive to Cape Coral where I’m spending the weekend with friends. Maybe earlier if I finish up in MK ahead of schedule.

Sunday morning I head up to Tampa for the conference which lasts til Wednesday.

I’m glad the trip has taken a bit of structure with just a couple of ADRs.


Personally I’d FPP Na’vi after Tiffins. Give your meal time to settle, and the line for FOP to shorten as it gets later in the day.

I heard that’s a good choice.

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Good idea if I can get it!

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Sounds like a great 20 hours

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Sounds like a great time to me too! I wish I was bipping over sometime soon!

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Have secured a KS upon arrival (a bit lofty in my hope to ride but it’s there just in case), NRJ for after dinner, and late ROL in case I can make it after FOP.

Plenty of NRJ available