20 dollars per night more Coronado Springs vs. Pop

Playing with a few dates. Looking for a weekend stay (Fri-Sat) to split stay after a Sunday-Thursday at a DVC resort being gifted by a friend. Originally looking at Value hotels, but noticed that for a few dates, CSR is only 20 dollars a night more than POP. POP has the benefit of skyliner, but is still a Value (2 adults, 2 kids). Would you go CSR or stay POP for the convenience of Skyliner? (DVC will likely be a monorail resort so would be focused on MK during that stay.

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I would go with Pop since all room types are fairly close to transportation options and… skyliner.

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How old are your children? Tower room or regular room?

CSR advantages: Dig Site feature pool complex with slide. Multiple lounges and TS. Spa and fitness center. Slightly larger rooms with two sinks instead of one. Separate table (in standard rooms) that doesn’t disappear when the second queen bed is used as a bed (unlike Pop).

Pop advantages: Cost. Skyliner. One bus stop. Bolder outdoor decor with oversized icons (could appeal more to kids).

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I would pick CSR- no contest. The design of the CSR renovated rooms makes the rooms feel bigger than other moderates, and all moderates have more space than PoP.

CSR is a beautiful resort. It gives you deluxe benefits (room service, multiple table service restaurants, fitness center) at a moderate price.


I love CSR. The resort is beautiful. The rooms are fabulous. The new tower is stunning. It does not feel like a moderate resort.

CSR would get my vote, as well.

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I vote CSR as well. It’s as lovely resort and is actually one of the most centrally located, making it convenient to get to all the parks. The rooms beat the rooms at Pop too. The new design of the rooms at Pop are nice, but with the other bed down it can be a tight fit for four people. Plus CSR gives you two sinks. For $20 per night more, it’s really no contest, even with the skyliner.


Kids are 7 and 11. Would not be a tower room - regular room is closest price to value hotel. Was thinking to ask for cabanas area.

Your kids would be a good age for the Dig Site and its pool. The usual first stop for the park buses is near the Casitas, then it goes clockwise around CSR. That’s why we stayed in Casitas on our trip.


I’ve stayed at both in the last year.

I love CSR — it’s a stunningly beautiful resort. The Grand Destino tower is a destination in itself. It has a great pool complex and lots of great dining options. The newly renovated rooms feel stylish and spacious. BUT I found the buses awful and ended up taking Ubers instead.

Pop feels like a cheaper resort. The rooms feel a lot smaller. The theming is, well, more for kids than for adults, though it’s very Disney. The buses are great, though the return bus usually involves a really long walk to the bus stop from wherever you’re returning from. The Skyliner is awesome. So easy. I’d rather stay at Pop and use the Skyliner for Epcot and Hollywood Studios than, say, the Beach Club and walk.

For UK visitors at least, CSR packages often come with a $100 gift card and the QS dining plan, whereas Pop just comes with free breakfast.

If resort and room quality matter to you, then it’s an easy call: CSR. If transportation is a major factor for you, then there’s a strong case for Pop.


And what value do you place on this and the convenience of getting it? :wink:

Too soon.



We stayed at CSR with my 5 kids (connecting rooms) ages 6-12, and really enjoyed it. It’s beautiful, the pool is wonderful. We stayed cabanas and never had a problem with the busses when we rode them (tho we had our car and chose to drive to the parks most of the time).

For a quick trip with DH in December the price for a POP room was so much less than CSR and we won’t have a car. If CSR prices came down to $20 more a night I’d make the switch in a heartbeat.