2 yo at buffets not on DDP

We have ADRs at CP and Tusker. I know they don’t charge under 3 at buffets but can we ask for my son to have his own plate and go up to the buffet or do you have to be discreet about it?

I believe the ruling when ours was little was that they could share from your plate?

We’ve done 2 family style restaurants (GG and Ohana) and 3 buffets (Tusker House, Biergarten, Akershus breakfast) and they never minded that we had our 1.5 year old eating off his own plate. In fact, at the family style restaurants, they set one out for him and would bring him his own drink (milk in a kids cup).

(edit: obviously at the a la carte TS restaurants, he had to eat off our plate.)

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We had no problem giving our 2 yo niece her own plate at 1900PF - did not charge her. They did charge her for kids meal at Tiffins but didn’t charge us the full ROL package price for her.

Technically, the rule is they eat off your plate. Friend of mine suggested that we put her food on our plate each time and then at the table distribute to her.

Makes sense.

We’re also doing Akershus. He’s almost 3 so very aware that he won’t have his own meal and DD4 isn’t great with sharing. Since the credits are pooled I’m leaning with using a TS credit for him at Akershus. We’re alsi doing Sci-fi which is cheap so I don’t mind paying for 2 kids meals.

We just got back, and our almost 3 year old got his own plate at all the buffets. Actually at every TS restaurant they also brought him his own drink, and at Via Napoli and ‘Ohana they brought him his own kids meal.


At Biergarten last fall our kind server explained explicitly to me that our two year old could get a drink of her choice and eat off the buffet, no charge.

Guess I should report back. At Akershus the waiter very explicitly said my 2 yo was free and got his own entree. At CRT, the waiter was very hesitant. He did eventually bring him a Mac n cheese and grape platter but it sounded like he wasn’t supposed to. For the create your own cupcake, it was placed on the same plate as my daughter’s.

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