2 year old and 3D

We have a 2 year old DS who has not experienced 3D. Disney has a few attractions such as Toy Story Mania, Mickey’s Philharmagic, and Muppetvision 3D, which rely on 3D as the primary feature. Will my little guy still be too young for it? Has anyone else taken little ones on these rides? Thank you.

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My little guy did ok with them. He even reached out for the little flying thing at Muppets. He also just didn’t feel like wearing the glasses at some shows and that was ok too. You can still see it is just blurry.


I think the biggest issue is the glasses are too big and he didn’t end up wearing them.

Too small or too big? I was thinking my 4yo might not do too well with the glasses either.

My DD as 2 and 3 yrs old had fun. I don’t think she kept the glasses on too long, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Too big. Sorry.

You can buy 6 pairs of children’s 3D glasses on Amazon for 10 bucks. I have no idea if they will work.

My 2.5 year old refused to try to wear the glasses because they were just too big. He ended up hating the 3d and we left the short films early because of it. Boo.

When DD was little we used a headband to keep the 3D glasses in place. Worked ok most of the time. I wouldn’t bring your own glasses - unless they are intended for exactly the same type of 3D technology the attraction uses, they’ll be useless.

A little research tells me that there are several 3D technologies and Disney makes use of at least two of them. So, you would have to bring multiple glasses to see all the different platforms. However, the big yellow glasses used for MV3D and the SFF are probably older technology and you could buy a pair of child’s glasses for a buck or two and give it a shot.

fwiw, both of my kids dislike most 3d shows because they are a bit sensitive to loud sounds etc. But if he is not too sensitive, could be just fine, challenge might come with the glasses.