2 trips w/ 1 DS each or 1 trip w/ 2 DSs

For the last few years, I’ve done a father/son trip with my sons. My oldest got to go when he was 7, 9, 10. My youngest got to go with me when he was 6.75 last fall and we were planning another this fall. My oldest is now in middle school, so it’s a little harder to take him out of school, but I love the one-on-one time with each son alone.

My oldest is supposed to go to a 2-week camp this June, but may not be able to go now (long story). We were trying to figure out an alternate trip for him, and one idea he had was to go to Disney, since he hasn’t been since any Star Wars stuff has opened.

My dilemma is whether I should combine a June trip with my oldest son with the proposed fall trip with my younger son. It would definitely be cheaper to combine the two, even if we stayed longer. Would probably do 5-6 days at WDW and then add 2-3 days at Universal if we combine them.

Selfishly, I think I would rather do two separate trips so I can go twice. I’ve only ever gone to WDW when school is in session, so not sure how crazy mid-June would be.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I love the idea of father-son trips! I have 2 boys as well (5 and 2). I’ve done father-son trips with my 5 year old, as well as family trips. All are fun, but there’s something special about that one-on-one time.

I could see it either way. Individual trips would give you that all important one-on-one time. But, how would your boys feel about being left out when the other is with you in WDW? I haven’t been in that situation yet, as DS2 is too young to know when DS5 and I were there. I think I’d push for the two trips, as long as the boys are on the same page as you with the idea! (Don’t know about June, but end of Aug was awesome for low crowds and MNSSHP)

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I love taking separate trips with with different groups of my kids (my boys are older and love fast rides, my girls are younger and don’t!). But, if you have gone several times with them separately it may be a fun twist to go together. Then they would be making memories together also. Especially if they are at an age where they are interested in riding the same things. Making it a longer trip and adding on some Universal days would be a nice bonus!