2 Trips/2 Memory Makers Question

I have 2 trips this year, May & July. Purchased MM for July trip before booking May trip & before price increase (this one assigned to me). Then decided to go in May also and sharing this MM (assigned to another person, but listed in My Reservations).
How do I make sure the MM I purchased for July trip does not get activated and used for May photos?

Your MM is only activated when you download photo’s. If you are sharing the person that actually bought the package will be the one to download the photo’s which will user their MM entitlement. You won’t be able to download for your May trip unless they give you a different login to use. Just make sure you don’t download any from your personal login that you used to purchase the package for July.

Thank you @Outer1 - I guess I didn’t phrase it well, but it’s kind of complicated. Or, maybe I just don’t understand your answer. I thought I was being good, snatching up MM before they raised prices, but now it’s just confusing me because of the 2!

So if MM is not activated until photos are downloaded, how can I be sure that the person I’m sharing with doesn’t accidentally activate my July MM, which shows up in their account?

They can’t use a MM entitlement that is on someone else’s account even if they can see it. Only the account that was used to purchase the memory maker is allowed to use it. So even if they can see yours they can’t activate it unless they log in as you. They have their own entitlement attached to their account and if they log in and choose to download it will only use the one attached to that particular account. So as long as you make sure they download the photo’s and send them to you, you’ll be safe. Just make sure you don’t choose to download anything on your account thinking that you are using theirs.

They either have to download all photo’s and send to you or share their login so that you can log in as them and download them.

You can call though just to verify for peace of mind.

I think that answers my questions, thank you @Outer1!!!

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