2 table service meals at HS?

We have a Fantasmic reservation at Mama Melrose's for 12:30. Do you think it's too much food to have dinner at 50's Prime Time Cafe at 5:30 or 6? My husband has never been there and I think he would love it but there is only 1 Fantasmic show that night at 7:30 so we would have to have an early dinner.

I think it's the perfect place for a 5:30 pm pick-me-up. Shakes and fries in the glorious, AC darkness! Or an adult shake! Woohoo! Brilliantly played!

For my family it would be too much food. I tend to eat way more than normal when I'm at Disney. This year we agreed to have at least 6 hours (preferably more) between meals. We found we couldn't enjoy our second meals as much because we weren't hungry enough.

That would def be way too much for us. Much too close together. At home, yes I eat 3 meals but a meal might be oatmeal for breakfast, fruit and yogurt for lunch, and soup for dinner for example. I think I eat all of that in one meal in WDW! In Disney, we eat either 2 TS-- brekkie (7-8am) and then dinner(6ish). Or we eat 1 TS--lunch(12-12:30) and a snack for dinner. Maybe get dessert only at 50s but dessert does come with F! Meal.

I'm a pretty big eater, but after a lunch at MM, I'm pretty much done until a late dinner (as in after 8PM, usual somewhere in the BW area). Might want to consider something like the HBD Lounge for drinks and apps or a salad as a lighter dinner before F!.